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Click here are a few stories and reminiscences connected with the Liberty shop. I know that there are plenty of musicians and others who have a memory they'd like to share. Please send them along.

The following pdf file links are a list of banjos made by Liberty. I kept these records myself until I left, in 1983. The final instruments were recorded by Paul Morrissey.

His records date from the middle of 1983 through to 1984. Also, those banjos sold toward the end of 1984 and afterward were ones which Paul kept in stock at his home.

Although I can't guarantee 100% accuracy, especially as to destination, they are pretty much reliable.

Before we started to use serial numbers, we made dozens of instruments by request or on speculation. These ranged from Backstep types to extremely ornate banjos, especially the open back styles. If you have a banjo you suspect as being a Liberty, let me know and I should be able to help you.

For the sake of privacy, I have omitted the names of original buyers, whether they were music stores or private individuals. Some names are vague or missing, but I have most of them. Email or call me If you are curious about the origin of a particular banjo.

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